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Windows desktop gadgets on the web covers a vast part of humanity. The following overview will be useful to an audience that is not familiar with gadgets and widgets. We will describe the types of gadgets under Windows. What are widgets and how to install them? Let's say you have Windows 7, then the user does not need a special program for gadgets.

Let's say OS Windows 10 is installed. To activate widgets on the desktop, right-click on a clean place and click on Gadgets in the menu.A panel with your widgets, informers and gadgets will be displayed, where you can select the one we need. Transfer the desired gadget and install it on the working area of ​​the monitor.

From now on, the widget will be on the desktop. Weather gadgets remain one of the most popular among people.They need an uninterrupted network connection to parse the weather. Weather widgets here are divided into combined ones, as well as animated ones. Weather data can be parsed from various locations. Among high-quality gadgets, one cannot but praise the World Weather widget. The gadget is modernly displayed on the screen of the operating system. For accurate work, it is advisable to set up the weather gadget. In the widget configuration, you need to specify the required city, update time, temperature format. As soon as we enter the proposed adjustments, the gadget will start showing the current weather on the main window for the current week.

Try and activate the weather informer on your table. Exchange rates on Windows are easy to set. News plug-ins with indexes about exchange rates are important for all those who monitor savings finance. Go to this directory where you can find a handy widget USD exchange rate. During not quite persistent "weather" in the CIS countries, the indices are constantly changing and sometimes it is necessary to see trends in order not to spend your pennies at all and to exchange money in advance. With the currency quotes gadget, you will be able to increase your investments, as well as respond in time to deviations in the foreign exchange market. In an oil-producing country, the ruble exchange rate is significantly affected by the price of Brent oil. For even more accurate management of savings, at the same time as the currency rate widget, we recommend activating the Brent oil price gadget, they will replace each other. If you want to beautify your desktop, then there is no better reception like a clock widget on the web. Analog clock widgets will help embellish different places in the main window of Windows 7.

Clock widgets are divided into binary and analog. Together with the alarm clock, you can even find and put the player or Google search. You can also download the disk manager widget, which will display the current load of our CPU.



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